The Hamilton Project Work Site URL

Visit the Hamilton Project work site.

This site is a online resource for the operational teams involved in the Hamilton Project.

The Hamilton Project is open for anyone to take part in and is a world wide, open source project.

What this means to you is that from here you can choose to participate or not participate in any events and see how your participation has advanced the Hamilton Project.

We will be working our way down from the largest nations to the smallest, hopefully assigning projects to every city, town, county and province in the world.

The people of these communities can choose to participate or not. If they do not, I hope we can work with them to create a project they would like to work on.

Remember, we only want to help.

We seek to do no harm. At any level.

Granted, some of the projects and ideas will be not liked by everyone.

If you don’t like bananas, we will not force you to eat bananas. Although we might eat bananas in front of you. That said, I don’t eat many bananas myself, but I should as they are good food.


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